Game Viewing Vehicles


Gerbers 4WD Accessories is SABS /NRCS Compliant From 2011. We Went Through varies test to be SABS Compliant.

This means that we can build a game viewer which we have tested and rehomologated so the vehicle will comply with National Parks requirements and legislation.

Wouter Gerber has been in the 4WD industry from 1993 and started his career in a workshop on the floor, building game viewers, Military spec ‘’Botswana’’ vehicles, fitment of 4WD accessories and even went to Tanzania Ngoro Crater Lodge where he was involved in Overlanding vehicles with extended chassis to allow a vehicle with more space for tourist. Although he didn’t own the company he played a critical role in the designing as well as the fitment side of operations.

Cruiser Fleets


Jeep Sport

Jeep Wrangler

Land Rover

Mitsubishu Colt




Toyota Hilux Vigo Double Cab

Toyota Hilux Vigo

Toyota Land Cruiser