4WD Accessories and Off-Road Equipment

As African airless is a vital part of Gerbers 4wd we are responsible for the research and development of all off-road products to suite the needs of our clients. If you need any customised work done to your vehicle we are the guys that will design it for you to ensure the product that you need will be practical and economical. As we are on the same premises as Gerbers 4wd it is so much easier to understand what the needs are and design accordingly. CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines, MIG and TIG welding. We have in the manufacturing of off-road accessories and equipment.

Our African Airless© Fuel and Water tanks are built from the finest raw materials, but inside they have unique venting paths which ensure your 45 litre tank actually carries 45 litres of fuel, not 40 litres of fuel and 5 litres of useless air. These fine details will serve you well in the short and long term, these are not vehicles you would want to swop out every other year, they are for the long haul, to build a relationship of trust and confidence that you need when you're out there...

Alu Canopy

                   Extreme Aluminium Canopy                    

          Quest Alumnium Canopy              Extreme Aluminium Canopy        Ultra Aluminium Canopy       Icon Aluminium Canopy         Field Service Canopy

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Aluminium Roof Top Tent


Drawer Systems

Long Range Fuel Tank

Field Service Canopy