4WD Accessories and Off-Road Equipment

At Gerber's 4WD we have the experience and expertise to fit and install a wide range of 4WD accessories. We also offer a wide range of off-road equipment from top brands as well as our own designs and customised products. When you see the impressive Bull Bars, Winches and Roll Bars you will know the strength and reliability they represent. That's the easy stuff, everybody does that. What you don't see is sometimes even more important, we use only the best in fitments, Norma hose clips for example on all our long range fuel and water tanks. When we refurbish bodywork the hinges are stripped and powder coated, seatcovers can be a boon or a curse depending on what you fit, there's nothing quite as irritating as sitting on a thick crease for 600 km's.

Our African Airless© Fuel and Water tanks are built from the finest raw materials, but inside they have unique venting paths which ensure your 45 litre tank actually carries 45 litres of fuel, not 40 litres of fuel and 5 litres of useless air. These fine details will serve you well in the short and long term, these are not vehicles you would want to swop out every other year, they are for the long haul, to build a relationship of trust and confidence that you need when you're out there...

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