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Whether you're a weekend camper or an international class game farm manager shopping for a new game viewing vehicle, Gerber's 4WD will look after your conversion with true professionalism.

Wouter Gerber has been in the 4x4 conversion industry for over fifteen years, wherever he is known, he is respected for both his technical abilities and his undisputed integrity.

In 2003 he established his current company Gerber's 4WD & Accessories CC, he maintains an ongoing contract with all leading role players in the Outdoor Industry.

Gerber's are both technologists and traditionalists, they stand for old fashioned hand fitted finishes and high technology fitments. Gerber's have been responsible for many industry adopted innovations. They specialise in custom solutions and not just standard bolt-on fittings. Gerber's have long established and proprietary relationships with select sub-contractors who manufacture specialist components for their conversions.
Gerbers4WD who we are

Master Craftsmen is probably the most appropriate description for the company, within the limits of specification and safety they will accept any conversion project. It will be correctly designed, specified and implemented. Their expertise and integrity guarantees the finished product. These are the maxims of true Master Craftsmen and for Gerber's there is no other way!


The facility in Benoni is well positioned next to major arterial roads and the international airport. Their principle supplies are mostly sourced within a convenient thirty kilometre radius. Gerber's supply chains are simple and well proven over the many years of relationship they share with their supply partners. Gerber's custom built workshops have capacity for numerous custom conversions per week .The workshops are situated on a 2350 square meter stand with workshops of 1250 square meters and an additional 50 square meters of office space. Staffed by an experienced 26 man technical team and supported by own transport and administrative personnel. The workshops are fully equipped in terms of welding (arc, argon and CO2) machining, pressing and finishing.


Gerber's is a well balanced blend of expertise and personal service. Even today the senior management is to be found on the workshop floor, if you want to speak to the boss it's most likely you'll do it via a cordless phone from somewhere inside the work in progress. Wouter Gerber is a man of old fashioned honour and as far as he's concerned, serving his clients is his first priority, for him this is best done in a hands-on way. These are the reasons Gerber's have developed the reputation that they have, no one seems to be able to find any reason to change that

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Zebra Caravan and Trailer Hire

At Zebra Caravan and Trailer Hire, we understand that modern day living is changing, and so wanted to meet the needs of holiday goers who still want to enjoy their holiday in their ‘home away from home’  ...however, don’t want the headaches of buying, owning, insuring, cleaning, maintaining and storing their trailers and caravans... As we now offer a rental service of these top of the range 4x4 Off-road Trailers and Caravans.

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